Principal: Kathleen Rowe

Kathleen Rowe has more than 20 years of communications and marketing experience, spanning a wide variety of industries and activities. She uses this broad background to develop creative solutions for her clients. Her aim is strategic and focused on results. Her experience hiring and directing numerous consulting firms in her corporate life guides her work with clients. Kathleen graduated from Cornell University with a bachelor of science in communication. She has received a Platinum Award from the LACP Magellan competition, an LACP Gold Spotlight Award, the Edward L. Bernays Primus Inter Pares award, and her work has been cited on the floor of Congress.

Kathleen ran the public relations department for a healthcare company with 45 programs across the US, directing the resources of six PR firms as well as internal resources. She has worked on staff for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and for The Weber Group, now Weber-Shandwick. She has advised corporate presidents and academic leaders and guides the public face of small and large organizations.

She’s an expert strategist and thrives on helping organizations identify exactly what they need to communicate. She’s handled the media for public events and conferences, including the MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition. She’s worked with Vice President Al Gore, Lani Guinier, David Copperfield, and Bob Dole, as well as CEOs and Nobel Prize winners.

Kathleen’s career was launched at age 11, when she convinced a local TV station to cover a large willow tree felled in her parent’s yard during a storm. She hasn’t stopped since.

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