When you build a better light bulb, come to Kathleen Rowe Associates for bright ideas for marketing.

You can have a great idea, product, or organization, but without a strategy to market and communicate it, you might as well have your light hidden in a box.

We work with you to identify your market, your messaging, the best way to reach your audiences, and then we execute those strategies.

  • healthcare marketing


    From healthcare services to biopharma and medical devices, we can help you reach your target audiences with clear messaging.

  • growth


    With our university and research expertise, we grasp your culture, appeal to your audiences, and bring today’s most effective techniques to help you reach your goals.

  • technology marketing and communications


    We can help your company at any stage—start-up to multi-national—mastering complicated material and communicating it clearly and effectively.

  • consumerb2bv2

    Consumer & B2B

    We develop programs for consumer and B2B audiences, helping companies identify their needs and recommending right-sized programs.

Idea Box:

Short tweets rule during major events

A study from MIT’s Senseable City Lab found that social media messages are shorter during major events. Researchers looked at Twitter, where individual messages have a 140-character limit. The study found that most tweets ran from about 70 to 120 characters at times of lower... read more

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